2011 Archive

Date Topic Presenter Sponsor Cases Studies
26th October Know Your Risks Dr Chris Eliades  
12th October Is it a Pancreatic Cyst or Tumour? Dr Chris Eliades Mundipharma  
21st September Weakness, Rashes or What is That? Dr Chris Eliades Solagran  
7th September New Theories & Mgmg of Pelvic Organ Prolapse   Norgine & Janssen  
17th August When Diets & Exercise Fail   Covidien  
27th July Mum's Falling Apart At The Seams   Aspen  
29th June Abdomino-Perineal Resection etc…   Novartis  
15th June Complicated Helicobacter pylori - Working Your Way Thru The Quagmire Dr Chris Eliades Norgine & Janssen  
25th May Doctor, I Can't Breathe Properly Dr Chris Eliades Novartis  
6th April Is Iron Deficiency Anaemia Always Iron Deficiency Anaemia Dr Chris Eliades Janssen & Norgine  
23rd March Laryngopharyngeal Reflux      
9th March My Baby has Failure to Thrive - And He is Doing The HSC! Dr Chris Eliades Novartis  
23rd February Six Months of Abdo Pain & Diarrhoea Dr Chris Eliades Janssen & Norgine  
9th February Diarrhoea - its not what its all made up to be
Dr Chris Eliades

2010 Archives

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17th November
IBS & The Fodmaps Approach
Dr Antonia Manolios
Norgine & Janssen

27th October Rectal Bleeding Dr Chris Eliades & Dr P. Trefely Astra Zeneca  
13th October A Run of Runs Dr Chris Eliades Novartis  
22nd September Rash and fever is not all it seems Dr Penelope Wilcoxsen Norgine & Janssen  
1st September I have a Sore Tummy Dr Alex Aristoff Astra Zeneca  
18th August My Back Hurts Dr Chris Eliades Novartis  
4th August Child with a Limp Dr David Thew Astra Zeneca  
21st July Quintessential haematology Dr Simon Gerber Novartis  
30th June My joints are killing me Dr Chris Eliades Janssen  
16th June IBS is not always IBS Dr Ron Pirola Solvay  
26th May Allergic Rhinitis symptom control to cure Dr Larry Kalish Nycomed  
5th May Have a look at this baby grow Dr Sharon Levy Astra Zeneca  
21st April Shiver me timers Dr Alissa Walsh Jansen  
24th March Abdominal pain and other adventures Dr Ron Granot Pfizer  
10th March Doctor, I'm feeling sick Dr Martin Weltman Nycomed  
24th February My tummy's been sor for a long time Dr Chris Eliades Janssen  

2009 Archives

Date Topic Presenter Cases Studies
20th November 
Coronary Artery Disease -has the paradigm shifted?
Dr Peter Bortz, Dr Ken Sesel & Dr Rob Mansburg  
4th November
Spider bite Dr Gregory Berdoukas  
21st October
Chafing at the Bot Dr Claudia Lee  
16th September
Nature or Nurture
Dr Keith Tish  
2nd September
it's my knee, but it might not be what it seems to be Dr Chris Eliades  
5th August
a stressful retirement
Dr Selwyn Gotlieb & Dr Simon Bentock
29th July
Dr, why is my nose always blocked
Dr Larry Kalish
1st July
Dr Hilton Shapiro & Dr Martin Wetlman
19th June
a fleeting rash, or is it?
Dr Martin Weltman
20th May
Respiratory Issues
Dr David Thew & Dr Brian Jarvie
6th May
Double Vision
Dr Boris Trosman  
3rd April Runs on the Run Dr Leah Gellert  
18th March Recess in a Jewish School Dr Simon Gerber & Dr Shula Endrey-Walder  
25th February Dr, my food keeps getting stuck Dr Alissa Walsh  
11th February He doesn't feel like doing his Homework Dr Alex Aristoff & Dr Simon Benstock