What is the underlying concept?

To bring to GPs all the the advantages of tertiary hospital department meeting:
  • Topics relevant to practise
  • Sharing of experiences in areas of common interest
  • Quality presentations but with the advantage of continuous GP involvement and feedback so that it is relevant to your practise.

And the format?

There are two parts to each session:
  1. A case presentation, some what like Grand Rounds in hospitals but much more interactive.
  2. Pathology/Radiology discussion.
    Attendees, bring your interesting X-rays and pathology (blood or tissue) for a discussion and opinion from a radiologist or pathologist and others in the audience.

There will also be the opportunity for GPs to have their own cases presented.

So who leads the meetings?

Each meeting is facilitated by a specialist with a GP moderator, together with a local Radiologist and Pathologist, who will comment on any presented X-rays and Pathology.

How do I take part?

Simply contact our Program Co-Ordinator Lorraine Spanton on mobile 0413 022 566 to register or for any further information on each session.

If I register, am I expected to attend all sessions?

Not at all.
You are welcome to attend one meeting or any number of meetings. However, numbers are limited to about 20-30 people so attendance may be restricted.

What we need to know from you is which session/s you wish to attend.